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urban decay eyeshadow - buck
An advanced long-lasting crease-free eyeshadow Features an ultra-velvety texture that glides on & blends effortlessly Developed with Pigment Infusion SystemTM that allows color to hold tightly to pigment Provides rich dense & decadent color Gives various finishes from shimmer satin sparkle duotone to matte Housed in a gorgeous gunmetal compact inspired by NYC subway tokens Available in a wide range of shades for selection. details
urban decay naked eyeshadow
12x Eyeshadow (Buck Creep Darkhorse Gunmetal Half Baked Hustle Naked Sidecar Sin Smog Toasted Virgin) 1.3g 0.05oz 1x Doubled Ended Shadow Blending Brush Well-coordinated stay-true & trendy colors Fine velvety texture & glides on skin smoothly Gives striking glamorous & versatile makeup results. details
buenos aires temaikn park zoo
Leave the city behind and set off for the fresh greenery of Temaikn Park animal sanctuary, 30 miles from Buenos Aires. Here, in pleasant leafy surroundings, a whole range of different animals black buck, hippos, lemurs, meerkats, pelicans, tigers, zebras and more are waiting to meet you. This zoo has no cages, so you can see the animals wandering freely in the open. Or in the case of some creatures view them through acrylic screens. The aquatic viewing areas are a big hit with all visitors. You get the chance to go nose-to-nose with sharks, manta rays and turtles and also see how animals such as hippos, penguins, and tapirs behave in the water. (Yes tapir [...]. details